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2022-07-24 [23075]

国际品牌和商业体进入中国前,相识在中国的新媒体形态和动态是必修课。Before international brands and commercials enter China, it is compulsory to understand the new media forms and its dynamics in China.新媒体情况日新月异,在用户全体不停扩大的同时,市场也正逐渐趋于饱和,头部大号已经形成,竞争者仍不停涌入市场,腰部以下中小号想分到一块蛋糕并不容易。The new media environment is changing all the time in China. As the users continue to expand, the market is gradually becoming saturated. The TOP accounts have been formed, and competitors are still pouring into the market. It is not easy to get a piece of cake in the middle and lower waist accounts.想要在众多新媒体运营者中脱颖而出,或挑选合适的新媒体运营者互助,都应该知道三大关键词:私域流量、像素级模拟、刷量忧患。

If you want to stand out in the market, or choose the right new media operators to cooperate, you should know the three key words: private domain traffic, pixel-level imitation, and click farming trouble.而想要进入中国的新媒体运营者,则需要相识它宏观的生长状况、详细的机缘挑战,洞察背后的逻辑,才气更好的为在中国谋划的商业体和品牌服务。New media operators or Content agency who want to enter China need to understand its macro development status, specific opportunities and challenges, and insight into the logic behind it to better serve the commercial entities and brands operating in China.私域流量Private domain traffic除了我们通例知道的SEM和广告外部投放这类的公域流量,私域流量的观点迩来火爆。In addition to the common domain traffic that we routinely know about SEM and external advertising, outdoor billboards, the concept of private domain traffic has been hot recently.如拥有11亿用户的微信,从2018年下半年开始,它好像开始了“加速”模式。从刚开始的信息流测试,到微信全面取代列表框版本;从朋侪圈文字被折叠,到屏蔽营销海报。

随即,微信新增了“时刻视频”,增加了“强提醒”功效,更新了“看一看”功效等等。WeChat with 1.1 billion users, starting in the second half of 2018, which seems to have begun the "acceleration" mode. From the beginning of the information flow test, to WeChat completely replace the list box version; from the "Moments" text is folded, to the shield of marketing posters. Immediately, WeChat added “Time Video”(15second vlog), added “Strong Reminder” function, updated “Top Stories” (what other wechat contacts read and recommend) function and so on.其他平台,更是涌现了种种新词。好比Vlog,流量变现,品牌营销,在线教育,小我私家IP……Other platforms have emerged a variety of new words. Such as Vlog, traffic and liquidity, brand marketing, online education( like coursera), personal IP...现在年最火的词,应该就是“私域流量”了。


However, the hottest word this year should be "private domain traffic."看到这里,想必许多人都懵了:流量我懂,什么是私域流量?Seeing this, I think many people would ask: What is private domain traffic?“私域流量”,指的是我们不用付费,可以任意时间、任意频次,直接触到达用户的渠道,好比:自媒体、用户群、微信号等。"Private domain traffic" is a channel that we can reach user at any time and any frequency without any fee, such as: self-media(we-media like weibo), user groups, WeChat accounts, etc.在“私域”的逻辑下,Vlog、短视频、社区团购……种种各样的玩法齐上阵。Under the logic of "private domain", Vlog, short video, community group purchases... all kinds of gameplay are coming out.Vlog+名人效应00年出生的欧阳娜娜的Vlog总播放量早在2018年就凌驾3千万,单集平均播放量450万。

而欧阳娜娜也因为自己拍的Vlog圈粉无数,许多人都被这个真实可爱的小女孩所感动。Vlog + celebrity effectBorn in 2000, celebrity Ouyang Nana’s Vlog total volume played has exceeded 30 million in 2018, and the average volume of single episodes is 4.5 million.Ouyang Nana is also impressed by the number of Vlogs she has taken, and many people are moved by this real little girl.短视频+直播促销曾一度霸屏2亿用户的小红书社区版面的“口红一哥”李佳琦曾经用10秒钟卖出一万瓶洗面奶;用五个半小时的淘宝直播,缔造了353万营业额;他在一次直播中,试色380支口红……Short video + live promotionLive broadcaster Li Jiaqi, a "lipstick brother" who once had a screen of 200 million users, used to sell 10,000 bottles of facial cleanser in 10 seconds; with a five-and-a-half-hour Taobao live broadcast, he created a turnover of 3.53 million; In a live broadcast, try 380 lipsticks...社区团购一年时间不到已经追上京东用户数的拼多多(简称PDD)2018年上市,许多电商玩家开始实验拼团,并在此基础上举行创新,降生了新模式并演酿成新赛道——社区团购。

停止2019年1月,社区团购赛道已吸引超20 亿元融资,用时仅半年。“逐日优鲜”孵化的“逐日一淘”则拿下1.3亿美元的融资。Community group purchasesLess than a year, the number of users of Pinduoduo (referred to as PDD) have already caught up with the number of JD users, also was listed in 2018. Many e-commerce players began to try to fight the group and innovated on this basis, which gave birth to a new model and evolved into a new track. - Community group purchases.As of January 2019, the community group purchase track has attracted more than 2 billion yuan in financing, only half a year. The “Meiriyouxian”, which is “Meiriyitao”, has won 130 million U.S. dollars in financing.像素级模拟Pixel-level imitation在互联网高速生长的今天,玩法迭代迅速,稍不注意,就可能会被同行者远远甩在了后面。如何在分秒变化的市场,保持着紧跟时代潮水的步伐呢?With the rapid development of the Internet, the gameplay is iteratively quick, and if you don't pay attention, you may be left behind by your peers. How to maintain the pace of keeping up with the trend of the times in a market that changes in every second?靠学习,且是有方法的学习。

Learning, with tricks.给大家举个例子:刷过抖音的人都应该会有这样的一种感受——像素级模拟:For example: people who have browsed Douyin should have such a feeling - pixel-level imitation: 什么叫像素级?就是产物图片,摆放角度,文案,字体,结构完全模拟,抄得极其像。做抖音也是一样的,内里很是多细节,都要去模拟妙手。好比你做减肥号,你就要把减肥号凌驾50万粉丝的全部关注一遍,找一个适合你的来模拟。

连字体巨细,字体颜色,这个文字有没有描边,放在视频哪个位置,都去完全模拟。What is pixel level? It is like product display picture, the display angle, wording, the font, and the structure is completely imitated, and the copy is extremely similar. This works on Douyin. There are so many details in it that you have to imitate the master. For example, if you are doing a weight loss account, you go through all the weight loss numbers of more than 500,000 fans, and find a suitable one for you to imitate, including the font size, font color, even a stroke in the context, and where to stand in the video, are completely imitated.一个视频火了,马上会有一大批视频随着火起来,而且音乐、形式、剧情、行动都是很是的相似。另有一些在这个视频的基础上创新,加上自己的创意,也马上火了起来,获得大量曝光。

A video is besthits, a large number of videos will follow its music, form, plot, and movement in a very close way. Or, making modification with some ideas in the video, which will be immediately ignited and gained a lot of exposure.刷量忧患Click Farming trouble2018年头,腾讯宁静平台发现腾讯一款产物的帐号处罚量上升,这些帐号在刷阅读、加粉、色情、赌钱等方面有异常行为。效果,微信在TOP 500名单中发现约300个账号存在刷量行为。At the beginning of 2018, Tencent Security Platform found that the number of account penalties for a product of Tencent increased. These accounts had abnormal behaviors in terms of reading, adding powder, pornography, and gambling. As a result, WeChat found that about 300 accounts existed click farming in the TOP 500 list.腾讯宁静方面提供的一个案例显示,一个“新时代独立妈妈”赵蓓正着迷于此,她在三百天内,就提升母婴圈里的KOL,从一介网民到网络达人,用了不到一年。A case provided by Tencent Security shows that Zhao Bei, a “new-age independent mother”, is addicted to click farming . She promoted to be a maternal and child KOL within three hundred days, from a netizen to a network talent, it took less than a year. .其中一组数据显示,赵蓓的十篇民众号文章均凌驾30万+,在午岑岭和晚岑岭时段刷量,次数从29次到165次不等。

其中,一篇文章从2018年3月27日,刷到了2019年4月19日,期间刷了163次,阅读量为226万+,平均下来,一次刷1.4万。Data shows that 10 articles of Zhao's are more than 300,000+ reading volume, and they are clicked farming at the mid-peak and late peak hours, ranging from 29 to 165 times. Among them, an article from March 27, 2018, clicked farming to April 19, 2019, during which 163 times, the reading volume was 2.26 million +, on average, 14,000 clicks.部门母婴类KOL,图片来自腾讯宁静赵蓓对刷量上瘾了,在已往一年时间里,刷了数百篇文章,刷量总量凌驾1500万次,这让她恒久成为母婴类产物广告主的座上宾,月入40万广告佣金不成问题。

因而,国际品牌和商业体进入中国在KOL的选择上是不能迷信流量的。Zhao was addicted to click farming. In the past year, she has clicked farming hundreds of articles and more than 15 million times. This has made her to be a long-time guest of the mother and baby products advertisers, with a monthly advertising commissions income of 400,000. Therefore, international brands and commercial entities entering China cannot be superstitious in the choice of KOL.据腾讯宁静方面监测统计,像赵蓓这种有流量作弊行为的KOL,在以接广告为生的KOL群体中占了13%。这个数字在头部KOL群体中只增不减。


以业内某知名自媒体榜单平台为例,该平台评选出的总榜TOP 500的KOL账号中,经腾讯宁静方面验证,有300多个账号有(过)刷量作弊行为。According to Tencent's security monitoring statistics, KOL, which has traffic cheating behavior like Zhao Bei, accounts for 13% of the KOL group that takes advertising for a living. This number is only increasing in the head KOL group. Take a well-known self-media list platform in the industry as an example, the KOL account number of the top 500 selected by the platform is verified by Tencent security. More than 300 accounts have (over) cheating behavior.这就意味着,每10个头部KOL账号中,有快要7个是注水KOL。This means that nearly 7 out of every 10 head KOL accounts are cheated KOL.刷量工业的人员规模到达了300万Labour market in click farming industry has reached 3 million people腾讯方面的数据显示,我国刷量工业的人员规模到达了300万,其中,以网站、App、自媒体账号为凭据地的从业者约200万;以谈天群为阵地的人员凌驾了100万。

According to Tencent's data, the number of people in click farming industry in China has reached 3 million. Among them, there are about 2 million practitioners based on websites, apps, and self-media accounts; more than 1 million people use chat groups as positions.刷量从业者中,年事集中在18岁~40岁之间,本科学历人群占到了60.43%。网赚群体中,海内多漫衍在广东、山东、河北和河南,外洋主要漫衍在马来西亚、美国和韩国。Among the practitioners, the age is between 18 and 40 years old, and the undergraduate population accounts for 60.43%. Among the net profit groups, China is mostly distributed in Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei and Henan, and overseas is mainly distributed in Malaysia, the United States and South Korea.国际品牌和商业体进入中国后,不要为了快速夸张而盲目选择刷量,这样的行为必将是有害无益的。

选择有履历的团队,制定实际落地的周全方案,才是上策。After international brands and commercial entities enter China, do not blindly choose to click farming for quick development. Such behavior will be harmful. It is best to choose an experienced team and make a comprehensive plan, that is actually implemented.Please excuse us for inappropriate wording due to English is not mother language.To contact us, please email: enquiry@findingsyeah.com。